Eindhoven Roadtrip : 14 Nov 2009

Eindhoven Area 51

Organised by : Skatepark.lu

Date : 14 November 2009


  • Departure at 10:00 P&R Bouillon, Luxembourg
  • Return 00:00 same day
  • Age limit: Minimum 12 years
  • For Skateboarding only
  • Required: 30€ participation fee & Membership of Skatepark.lu A.S.B.L

Autorisation parental: link

With 44 excited Skateboarders the Bus departed with a slight delay at 10:15.The bus ride to Area 51 Skatepark took around 4 hours including a 30min stop and a 20min detour in Eindhoven.

At 14:15 we finally arrived at the Skatepark.
At 20:00 we headed back arriving at 00:45 in the P & R Bouillion

Special Thanks

Olliewood Skateshop, Luxembourg

Cucain Skateboards, Germany

Area 51 Skatepark

Sales Lentz for the flexibility on scheduling and the patient bus driver

Tombola Winner of the Free Roadtrip: Francois Schmitt

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