360 First Try


Organised by : Parc and Ride SkatePark ”Schmelz” Dudelange, Flying Miners asbl, Skatepark Asbl Luxembourg, Red Rock Skatepark and Roller Derby Luxembourg

Date : 23 November 2013

  • Ever wondered what would happen if you put Skateboarders, Rollergirls, Inliners, Streeboarders,BMXers, Dirt’ers and all the other Rider all together in one room?

    Well, we thought it would turn out into a hell of a party!

  • The night will start off with a SkateVideo Release by Philippe Schwartz <<Film net>> at 9pm till 10pm followed by some kickass DJ sets like:
    -Dj Blueprint
    -Miss Sappho
    and Twisted Frequencies

    Cool people, fun, videos and music will bring the night full circle!

    Entrance 5€

    SURF IN and Olliewood Skateshop Luxembourg


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